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Corsair HS80 Low Mic/Low Sidetone

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Hello, I am trying to see if anyone has solved this issue. I have a brand new pair of Corsair HS80 headsets. The microphone is really low and therefore the sidetone levels are also really low. Windows microphone levels are maxed out, so are the ICUE microphone and sidetone settings. I don't really use the microphone for anything else but sidetone but on headsets of this price this is kind of annoying as my Corsair Void Pros did not have this issue at all.
Software versions:
Headset: 5.6.39
Wireless Receiver: 5.5.102
ICUE: 4.18.209
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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On 12/9/2021 at 6:03 PM, Azargarn said:

the only way i found to "fix" this issue on corsairs headset is using a third party app called Equalizer APO

How were you able to increase the sidetone volume with Equalizer APO? I was able to increase the mic volume which affects Discord no problem but it's not doing anything for the side tone...

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Same problem -- and this is the third post I'm contributing to, in hopes that Corsair will notice one of these eventually. Just "upgraded" from HS70 to HS80 and there is clearly something wrong with sidetone. It seems to be linked to main volume (which is linked to Windows volume). None of this was how the HS70's worked--everything was on a separate audio channel. With the HS80's you can't change main volume without taking sidetone with it, up or down. So at 100% master volume I can finally hear myself... Realistically, I use these at 8-10 master volume, so sidetone, even at 100 in iCUE, is inaudible. 

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