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Looking to install A single LL120 Corsair RGB fan

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Since your motherboard does not have 5V adressable RGB headers, you will need to get a controller.

If you only want to control the lighting, and don't want fan speed control through iCUE, you could get a Lighting node core and be good to go.


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That is everything, but the price is not what I would consider acceptable.  The problem is there is a rumor the RGB hub is being discontinued so now a $10 item has increased its market price.  A Lighting Node Core will work as well and without the RGB hub (its inside the unit), however that is looking a bit illusive as well.  It's up to you, but I would probably try to scrape together a bit more and look for the LL120 triple pack on sale.  It would have all the things you need inside, plus the three fans.  Your single LL + $50 RGB hub kit is about the same with two less fans.  

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