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Corsair AX 1200i 5v issues with LL RGB setup

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Well it took its sweet time but my build is done (PETG TUBING A PAIN).

Had loads of issues with the 14mm xspc tubing and their fittings, went through dozens of o rings as the tolerance's were poor.

Mystic fog im not too sure, it has left tiny bubbles on the inside of the res and i can not get them out or put something in the fill port on the ek res to try and wipe the inside front (any ideas) might just flush and use cryofuel clear.

Anyway the issue i seem to have is that at least 1-2 times a day the fans seem to loose there rgb colour, sometimes 1 or 2 fans or today the entire top rad fans both sides were flickering wildly.

Contacted Corsair and they seem to think its down to the 5v rail or rail in my AX1200i supply (6y old) trying to power all the rgb 

21 LL fans

EK res 

Ek cpu block

Corsair ram

Corsair xg7 gpu block

Plus the 2 x 10 pwm hubs 

4 X Corsair rgb hubs 

2 x com pros

Corsair 1000D chassis lights

Everything uses the sata connection ( i tried to spread them out on the p/supply )

Any ideas ?


The other issue is that if i run a game or say Valley benchmark then i get noise from the rear where my power supply is (AX1200i) coil whine/noise that goes when i exit the game or benchmark.

This has never happened in the 6 years of owning the ax1200i.

Plus it is all new gear Amd 5900x rig.

Corsair says i need their 5v balancer as it lets me use a 12v rail to spread the current  but it is not out yet anywhere i have tried to locate one in the Uk but no joy, probably covid slowing down production for release.

Do you guys think its a power supply issue/fault or do i need the balancer or  new power supply  with stronger 5v rails any suggestions please.

Other than that i think it went together really well, will probably change a couple of pieces of tubing another way when i change to acrylic in 6-9 months or so.


Any help on the issues above would be helpful.



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Can't comment for the fans. full white they pull about half an amp each, ~10 amps on 5V. the AX1200i should be fine with that but well.. it's teh AX1200i ^^' the black swan of the lineup.


For the bubbles, opaque coolants tend to foam more easily than clear, but even clear will have those bubbles appear after first start.

They eventually all disolve or dislodge with the water flow. give them a week or two and they will gradually dissapear 🙂


And yea, get acrylic in there. PETG is good for one thing and one thing only : mineral water bottles. You dont want a plastic that deforms at 60°C in a cooling loop.. they also deform with time, hence why EK makes end caps to prevent deformation and leaks at the fittings, with time.

And Acrylic looks way better

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LeDoyen thank you for your input, its been about 4 weeks now and the bubbles/residue still has not dissipated.

Closer pic below, seem to have the same tiny white spots in the Ek Quantum Velocity cpu block as the EK Quantum res as well.

The Corsair XG7 gpu block and the tubing are clear.

If it were a round res then i would simply take the top off and use a small paint  brush to remove the bubbles/residue from the res.

coolant temp sits about 26c idle and 32c playing call of duty warzone fans on about 980rpm

Do you recommend a good solid p/supply in the 1200w and above.




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i wonder if it's not particles from the semi-opaque coolant that stuck to the acrylic when bubbles were attached, and as the bubbles went, the trace stayed.

I still get those a year after flushing white coolant i once tested...

It's hard to say from the photos if they are bubbles or white dots on the plastic, but it looks like what i have on my FLT360 right now.

For the PSU, uh.. i think they may be harder to find than the 5V load balancer ^^'

You could try switching off the lighting and see if the PSU still buzzes when gaming. If it doesn't, the load balancer could save the day.

If it still does, the 5V rail may not be at fault.

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What kind of reading do you get on the 5v rail?  It will vary with profile and as mentioned, full white will knock you down quite a bit regardless of PSU integrity.  However, it may be useful to prove the opposite in terms of support progress.  If you take a static color (muted red, blue, or green) and turn down the intensity, you will use a minimal 5v draw even with 21 fans.  See if the fans still lock up.  If they still do at 4.98v or whatever on the low intensity statics, then that is out as a theory.

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C-attack, will try over the weekend as i am on nights rest of the week.

LeDoyen, thank you for help, it is probably white dot particles, not happy at all, may have to flush or strip the res and cpu block down and clean, seems a lot of work when it has only been up and running a month.

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yep it is. that's why i usually discourage people from trying opaque coolants on their first loop ^^'

I used one for a month.

-Dismantled the whole loop, flushed the radiators 10 minutes each connected to the tap, going from burning hot to cool water regularely

-took apart all waterblocks and reservoir, deep cleaned

-cleaned all fittings (soft tubing) and replaced the tubes

Restarted on clear coolant... poooffff... cloud of white came back straight away.


Redid this all over a few months later after a few coolant flushes :

-added the FLT360

-went to hard tubing, so i replaced ALL the fittings and adapters

-installed the 3090, so, new block

-Changed 2 rads out of 3


Primed the loop... POOOOFFFF well.. fainter cloud of white..

It's been more than a year and i'm still flushing the loop 🙂 the FLT shows white dots from bubbles appearing when filling.


There's no way you can clean these from the fill port, you'll have to open the reervoir to wipe the traces. They come out easily though. And never use alcohol on acrylic btw. It causes it to crack.

Since the Mystic fog is a very dilute white, hopefully you won't have as much trouble clearing it.


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