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Bug with Lighting Link Colour Wave effect

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I have the following hardware:

12x QL120 via 4x Lighting Node Core in groups of 3
CPU/GPU/Distro EK blocks + O11DXL front strip via lighting channels on 2x Commander Pros
2x LS100, 1 for monitor UW backlighting 6 strips 1 channel, second for desk lighting with whatever the max LEDs is across both channels
K95 Platinum XT

The issue is that the colour wave doesn't extend to all LEDs.


I add the lighting link, then turn off the visibility on all but the 12 fans, distro block and front panel strip, 2 of the 12 fans do not show any lighting.
I can then make another device visible, lets say the trackpad, all fans are now working but nothing at all on the trackpad.
It seems like the software is miscalculating how many LEDs there are.

Also I can turn the effect on all connected devices, and there is always something that doesn't show the effect correctly (the trackpad doesn't show the animation when everything is enabled in fact)

Weirdly, I can add a second lighting link colour wave with a different colour and this does show on the trackpad.

I have static colour on some of the devices, so a simple work around is just to make the wave visible and drag it under the static colour, hence it's not visible on that device but then all my fans work as expected.

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