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The reason why iCUE is resetting my mouse pointer speed is beyond stupid

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My mouse is a Zowie FK2 - it uses no software like iCUE, it has a physical button on the bottom to change dpi between 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. To finetune it to my liking I use the windows pointer speed option. My keyboard however, is a k70 with brown switches. I love it to death, it's actually my third one. First one got accidented, second had a huge discount but wasn't my preferred switches and now my third one is right where it belongs. It even has shiny RGB, all of which I'm able to control via iCUE. Unfortunatey someone at some point decided that demoing settings is a cool thing to do. I admit, the settings available for me if I had a AX1500i are kinde neat, I've always wanted the ability to kill power to parts of my computer on a whim. My favorite demo is the one for H115i though "DEMO H115i has no settings".

I guess all of this wasn't cool enough though, because you "removed" them. Jobs done!

Except that they are only hidden. One of those hidden demos for settings of a product, is that of the "GLAIVE RGB". It's a mouse. That mouse has a setting to change pointer speed. It does this by changing the windows pointer speed. Every time I restart my computer, my windows pointer speed is reset to default (in the middle). This has slowly been driving me crazy since I couldn't find the culprit until today.

The software for controlling the RGB on my keyboard resets my mouse speed on system reboot, due to the demo-settings of a mouse I do not own. These demo-settings are only visible by unchecking the setting "Show only connected devices". Find the mouse, find performance setting and there's a slider for Pointer Speed. I don't know what's worse, the demo-settings actually changing settings, that they do this change while hidden, or the fact that I can't remove the demo-settings in any way.

I have now solved my problem by changing the setting. I would greatly appreciate it if you could fix this.

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The demo settings in the iCUE 3 software do not make any system changes and are exactly as it states, just a demo of the products in the iCUE 3 software.

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