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Setting cooling presets on multiple fans at once?

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I'm using latest iCUE with H150i and 7 x QL120 RGB fans on 5000D airflow without any issues.

My question is related to a quality-of-life feature that i  couldnt find on the software (maybe its there sorry about that)

As the title suggests, is there a way to apply the existing presets to multiple fans at once? Say, i want to change all of them from Quiet to Balanced at one go, or vice versa.

Its really tedious to change cooling presets on each fan (which has its on benefits not going to lie) individiually.

Sorry if this was asked before, but i couldnt find it in the forums.



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you could make a copy of your entire lighting profile, and change all the fan settings on the copy. One profile on quiet, one profile on balanced.

Then just switch profiles to change all the fans at once

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