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Corsair MM800 Not recognized in windows 11


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First things first, I don't have any plans to roll back operating system to W10  just to get my mouse pad lights to work. 

Vengeance pro, and asus hero viii are both recognized in ICUE software so I'm assuming that it's a usb driver issue between windows 11 and the MM800. It was working great on Win 10 prior to the update but now its just a more expensive version of a plain XL mouse pad. 

Curious if there is any work around from Corsair or plans for a work around. Or even if this is just an isolated issue and i got hosed by my update and now there's a driver conflict.

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I used my MM800 from the early Win 11 Beta days in June until about a month ago without issue.  It's a fairly basic device, so as long as the USB is connected it should go rainbow crazy even if CUE can't detect it.  Do you have lights at all?  If no, try a different port but that makes me worry about the cord and power delivery.


If yes, try reinstalling your chipset drivers since on most MBs that is responsible for USB port operation.  Sometimes things do not carry over properly on the OS upgrade.  

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