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Corsair One 2017: any way to use integrated GPU?

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I have a Corsair One from 2017, is there any way to make it use the integrated GPU?

The reason I ask is that I'd like to try out Facebook's Horizon Workrooms, which if you haven't seen it, lets you work in a VR environment and see your computer screen. However, it apparently only works with integrated GPUs (which seems like a major, and pretty weird, limitation; I mean there are numerous similar third-party apps like Virtual Desktop that work just fine with any GPU).

I'm guessing that the hardware just isn't set up for this; it seems like the ability to switch GPUs is more of a laptop thing, but I thought I'd ask.

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Hi @Hazardist, the short answer is no, you can't use the integrated GPU with an external display.

The long answer is that the original Corsair One 2017 uses a customised MSI Z270I motherboard that had the HDMI and DisplayPorts ports removed from the motherboard itself. So even if you went into BIOS to enable the integrated GPU (assuming your CPU has one) there would be no way to connect it.

I know this since I removed the original motherboard and replaced it with a retail MSI Z490I and i9-10900 CPU, and have tested the integrated GPU with the motherboard ports in my new configuration. The original MSI Z270I Corsair motherboard is below, and at the top right you can see an empty space where the HDMI and DisplayPorts ports were supposed to be (in between the USB3.1 ports and the USB2/PS2 ports).

Note all this applies to external displays. I'm not familiar Facebook's Horizon Workrooms, but I suppose it may be possible to fool the software by enabling the integrated GPU in BIOS, then mirroring the PCIe GPU and integrated GPU displays in Windows... just thinking out loud!


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