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SKU CW-8960093 ELITE Series Retention Kit


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Any idea when this will be available on the EU Website. In fact, does anyone at Corsair have any idea when ANYTHING will be available on the Corsair EU website?? There is literally NOTHING in stock on that website!! Are you closing the EU Web-shop down??


Ironically, I actually don't want that kit for the LGA1700 brackets, not that anyone with a new Alderlake system needs it anyway (They actually just need the shorter Stand-0ff Kit). No I actually want this kit for the new 4 Point AM4 retention brackets.


Ideally, I'd order 2 if they were available now and use one on the 5900x based system with a H150i RGB Pro XT AIO for a build for my brother, but that one I'll 'settle' for the supplied 2 point AM4 bracket if I have to build and can wait no longer for the new 4 point brackets. However, I really don't want to build my 6900x 3D V-Cache based system in January/February with my Elite Capellix H150i and Elite LCD Upgrade kit using the 2 point brackets and absolutely want to wait till I have the new 4 point AM4 brackets for that. The thick unyielding cable loom from the Elite LCD exits the module straight into the ThumbNut of the 2 point AM4 bracket putting undue pressure and torque on it which is probably why so many people have issues with Elite LCD modules losing connection and throwing up errors and red triangles on the Display. I also wouldn't be surprised if the pump noise many Elite Capellix H150i units suffer is due to resonances/vibrations allowed to propagate to the point of audibility due to the 2 point AM4 mounting system allowing poorly lapped CPU Heatspreaders and Cooler baseplates from effectively rocking by fractions of a millimeter with the pump vibrations leading to the buzzing noise. The 4 point AM4 brackets should rule that possible cause for the pump noise out.


I can wait for the bracket till January/February as the 3D V-Cache 6900x won't be out till than at the earliest anyway but honestly, how long does it take for Corsair to restock some non electronic parts these days!! Its not the 'Great Covid Silicon shortage' thats for sure. Just how slow is the proverbial 'Slow Boat from China' to Europe these days!!

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