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iCue silent install for winPE

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Does anyone have an argument list for installing with silent switch or silent install in WinPE.

In detail I want to auto install corsair for example with /s /qn /q or anything else.


I want to start it with c:/system32/msiexec with icue_software_release_4.xx.msi to install with unanttend files. (Automatically)


Thanks in advance.


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Take a look at the Chocolatey install for iCUE - https://community.chocolatey.org/packages/icue#files.

It looks like /QN should do the trick.

However, I'm not sure if you'll have any success. iCUE's UI requires OpenGL and I'm not sure if that's available in the PE environment.

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Thank you for your reply devbiker.


I forgot to adress i prefer doing this with powershell v5 max v7


I've heard that they onced tried implementing it in window update but reverted back to normal setup. I don't know if this made the certification different, like its not a trusted/verified signature anymore? 🙂

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