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Possible to disable profile switching on one device only?


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I use iCue profile switching to manage different mouse and keyboard settings in various applications, but I also have an HS270 Pro headset. When I tab between programs, the profile switching causes absolute chaos for this headset. Infernal beeping, mic being toggled on and off even when the profiles are as identical as can be (and regardless of what I've set with the physical mic button!), you name it.

I don't need this functionality for the headset at all. I just want the headset to use one profile ever, and never change. Is there any way to reconcile these problems? Ideally I just want the headset to not be subjected to profile switching. I don't need different headset settings! I just need it to stay the same so that I can use my PC in peace! Sometimes I tab out when I'm talking to people and iCue goes nuts on my mic because I tabbed into applications with different profiles, or back to the default profile. This is making the headset unusable for me.

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Hi Vtl13,

There is no way to exclude a single device from profile switch, unfortunately. We hear your feedback though, and I'm going to make sure the iCUE team hears it as well and takes this into consideration. 

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I opened a ticket for the same reason, for my HS80 headset.

My HS80 mute every profile i pass through when my mic is upwards (unactive), then after i push it down, the mic start muted on every profile i use.

Is an easy bug to notice when using voice command; it say "mic on - mic off" in succession while scrolling between profiles.

Hope a solution exist to this problem.

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