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[D Series Case] Front Jack Audio always detecting hardware plugged in, even if it's not issue

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Hi guys,

I have an odd issue where my front audio jack on the case is always detecing my Headphones are plugged in, even when they are not.

It used to work fine the audio jack detection, when plugged in/out, the software would recognize hardware was inserted in and out. But since of today it seems the hardware is always detecting something is plugged in, when in reality it is not.

I tried to solve this from a software perspective by uninstalling and reinstalled all the drivers, tweaking with all settings (including the front detection settings). Doesn't seem to be a windows issue, since, when I unplugg the front audio from the motherboard it correctly not detects it (so the drivers aren't "stuck").

I tried to solve this from a hardware perspective by cleaning and vaccuming the front audio panel jack and also re-plugging the Audio cable to the motherboard.

But to no avail, I think I kinda isolated it to the front panel jack "detection-pins" being kinda faulty or stuck and constantly detecting something is plugged in, rather than detecting when something goes in or out.

Motherboard pins seem fine, untouched. I mean, the pins definitely works because it detects something (and audio works), it just doesn't detect when something is unplugged, but I think that's from the jack itself, no?

Is it possible to fix this somehow? Or even possibly get the front panel replaced?

The case is in warranty, but it's kind of a minor issue for me since I technically, always have the headphones plugged in anyway. But it seems my front panel is no longer able to detect when the headphones are plugged off the front audio jack.

Kinda of a bummer since I bought the case only 2-3 months ago.

Any suggestions? Only thing I can remember is replacing the front jack by myself, but is it even possible to buy and then change/replace those by myself?


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