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iCUE v4.10.273 Release Notes


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Software Enhancements
  • Multipoint is now supported for all compatible Slipstream Devices. To start the process, users must have a combination of compatible Slipstream keyboard, mouse, and/or headset. A wizard has been implemented in the ‘Connections’ tab for your respective Slipstream USB Receiver. Please note a firmware update is required for all devices to support Multipoint pairing.
  • Resolved an issue with iCUE crashing when Skip is used during the message to Re-plug Device
  • Resolved an issue that iCUE crashes from sleep and hibernation
  • Resolved an issue that Installer has a delay before launching successfully
  • Resolved an issue that renaming a Lighting Effect when "hidden" disables the effect entirely
  • Resolved an issue with the Color Picker Wheel and Lighting Effects: Solid not appearing properly
  • Resolved an issue that Homepage sensor widgets do not update temperature units when changed until after iCUE restart
  • Resolved an issue for Home Screen Add Widgets Window that when scrolling through items, scroll bar keeps adjusting and popping the page up
  • Resolved an issue that when Enabling Dashboard Products by Toggle, all Items should be Selected
  • Resolved an issue that Sensors were automatically activated when user click the on button in Dashboard tab
  • Resolved an issue that ALT + F4 on iCUE can cause window Title bar to appear
  • Resolved an issue that the 'Settings' tab does not close when its icon is selected
  • Resolved an issue that background should be darkened when Pop-Up is open
  • Resolved an issue that users should be able to deselect Remap: Keystroke field
  • Resolved an issue that Sensors on the Home screen, when populated, all populate on the left column instead of filling in both columns
  • Resolved an issue that the scroll wheel does not interact with the scroll bar of the home screen
  • Resolved an issue that system profile search engine cannot work automatically
  • Resolved an issue that Text Editor and File Explorer of Launch App Action should have a button added
  • Resolved an issue for Key Assignments (Macro) that uncheck in "executive uninterrupted" button works incorrectly after restart system
  • Resolved a typo with surface calibration
  • Resolved an issue with spelling in Language Selection
  • Resolved an issue that the information of Import Profiles is not localized
  • Resolved an issue that the information of Export Profiles is not localized
  • Implemented Enhancement for Nexus that Loop pages on start/end screens
  • Added CORSAIR One Blue Color to Custom Palette
  • Resolved an issue for NEXUS widgets that do not update temperature units when changed in iCUE Settings
  • Resolved an issue for Nexus that missing function "Mic Mute/Unmute" of VOID Surround Series headsets

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