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P4c800 e dlx + 2Gb twinx 3200 c2


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Hi all,


I have an ASUS P4C800 E Deluxe and I have been running 1Gb twinx 3200 C2 corsair ram and I have been able to overclock my P4 3G to 3.5G (keeping ram at 400).


I have just bought 2Gb twinx 3200 c2 corsair ram and I can't overclock past about 3.3G (keeping ram at 400 in BIOS).


I have not changed any ram bios settings leaving them as standard and is there any way i can oc back to 3.5G with the 2Gb ram?


What BIOS settings are best for the 2Gb 3200 twinx ram? I have never had any problems with the 1Gb sticks.


Thanks in advance

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Please watch the Memory Basics Presentation, but in short the added memory will put more loading on the chipset in fact 20 loads per module and your system will need to be able to 48 Watts just for memory. If you do install 4 modules you may have to relax the timings and you may not be able to over clock.
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