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K100 spacebar catching on wristpad


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Upgraded from the K95 to the K100, and immediately started noticing issues with the spacebar.  The action felt way less smooth than the other keys, almost "grindy".  I assumed this was just an issue with pressing on the left side of the spacebar (where my thumb rests) and not the middle, because if I pressed it down in the middle, it felt smooth.  I popped the spacebar off (carefully, of course) and couldn't see any obvious problems.  But I figured it might work itself out, so I kept on going.

It would occasionally get better — like when I picked the keyboard up to adjust something — but it got worse over time, to the point that the spacebar actually started sticking in the down position!  This was the moment I figured things out, since it was now obvious that the spacebar was catching on the wristpad.  (I'm guessing part of the reason the action seemed smooth when I tested pressing the middle of the spacebar was because I lifted my hands to test it this way, so my wrists weren't pressing on the wristpad.)

This seems relatively easy to fix — I can just put some spacers inbetween the wristpad and the keyboard to keep them separated.  (I used some of those felt feet you put on furniture, but cut down into thin strips.)  I'm testing it now with this new setup, and it seems fine — there's enough separation, and yet the wristpad is still close enough that it holds on magnetically just fine.

But it's a bit concerning that I needed to do this, and also that I can't find anyone else mentioning a similar problem.  Is this a design oversight (possibly only when tilted up using the rear feet?), or is my spacebar / wristpad defective?

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Same with me, I put small pieces of tape on the magnet tab on the rest to shim them to keep it from hanging.

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