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[HS80] Sidetone level way to low

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Hi everyone,

So I got myself a HS80 on black friday. Very happy about it and I don't have the low-mic sound issues that other seem to have in a different topic on this forum.

But a big issue that I have is that I just can't hear myself. My girl doensn't like me screaming so I cranked up the sidetone volume to it's max in the ICUE software but that didn't do much.

I have to set my windows volume to 100% to hear myself and then it's not great either. Of course gaming with 100% volume is not what I want and I don't want to manually lower the volume of all individual games every time.

Anyone has a tip how I can fix this sidetone volume? I am using Windows 11.

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Just bought these and having the same issue. My mic levels are fine (they appear nonexistent but other gamers confirmed I am loud and clear). But the sidetone! At 100% it's barely audible - and the real problem - it's linked to master volume. I came from the HS70's where these were separated, so I could put master volume at whatever I wanted, and independently adjust sidetone to be louder or softer than everything else. But with HS80's and sidetone at 100, if I turn down main volume, it takes sidetone with it. I use these at an 8 or 10 master volume while gaming, and sidetone at 100% in iCUE, and it's nonexistent. 

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