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Possible HX1000 Failure?

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After getting random reboots for a few weeks I noticed an ozone smell coming from the system.  As of today, the system will turn on,  i.e. fans, pumps and leds will run, but the CPU light on the motherboard is solid red and no boot. I've tried all of the normal boot fixes (removing RAM, GPU,etc) and nothing solved the issue.  The system has run for over 2 years. 

The last component I am going to check is to see if the PSU has gone bad. I've ordered a PSU tester, but am not sure what to look for.  Furthermore, after decades of using Corsair, I've never had a power supply go bad. Though I'm hoping this is the issue as it's the cheapest part to replace. 

Has anyone else experience a PSU failure (or partial failure) of New HX1000? Can the failing PSU have damaged other components? What should I look for when using the tester? 

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