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ICUE settings not saving to Vengeance Ram lights

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As the titel says, whatever i set my lighting effects to seems to be irrelevant until i start up ICUE every time. I would like it to save on the rain effect, but when i startup my computer its stuck on red marquee, which i also cant seem to effect any changes on.

Anyone have any solutions for this?

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When the CUE software is running, the lighting effect applied in the "lighting effects" tab will be active.  This is the 'software effect' that loads when CUE does.


Just below that is the hardware lighting tab.  This is the lighting scheme applied when the CUE software is not running, including boot/shutdown/BIOS, etc.  Open that setting in any profile and apply the rain effect.  It will save automatically (takes 2-3 seconds to write the data to the module).  Hardware effects are often less complex or there are fewer options that can be saved to the module itself.  

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