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I currently have a problem with my corsair watercooling and all of them let me think it is a problem with the watercooling firmware ... the software writes <Your device is not correctly detected in iCUE. Please contact support (support@corsair.com). >.

Off the pump works but it can not be adjusted from the software and the same for the rgb ... and this reproduces the same chosen for the fans of the watercooling.

But ! My corsair vengence pro ram barrels can be adjusted without worries.

I wanted to know if it was possible to have a custom firmware with a version lower than installed in the software for the watercooling. Because this problem arose after a water-cooling update, first rgb freezes and then uncontrollably afterwards with a really horrible constant red blinking.

I look forward to your answers and I hope to solve this problem ... (if you need photos or video do not hesitate)

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