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I've had this product for a while now. Recently one of my fans only half lit up. I changed the lighting effect and it started working again. The next day only half of one fan was working out of 3. This time I am unable to fix it. I have the lighting node pro with the hub for the fans on channel 1 and on channel 2 I have 4 lighting strips that work flawlessly. I unplugged the fans and tried them one by one. Only some of the lights on each fan work. Thats when they are plugged in individually to port one. When they are all plugged in, only the fan in port 1 works, but limited. I have no idea how to fix this. Is it my fans that are bad? Or the lighting node pro. I purchased the fans in 2018, so I've had them for about 3 years now. If you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I can provide any info you need.

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Typically these types of issues are a bad LED(s) on a particular fan. It’s a series circuit so anything after the problem spot is dark or sometimes erratic. It’s also possible there is a problem with with the RGB lighting hub supplying the power, particularly if they all act strangely in port 1. Either way you likely will need some type of hardware replacement so contact Corsair Support to get started. 

What fan type are you using?  Setting the wrong type here can cause issues as well. 

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We often see issues with users getting tripped up on all the SP fan variants.  Setting it to SP-RGB with SP-PRO/Elite (or vice versa) can cause this behavior.  Not in play here.  Seems like the hub to me.  

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