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Problems with LanParty UT NF3 250Gb Mainboard


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Ok, today I purchased a Corsair ValueSelect VS1GB400C3 for my LanParty UT 250Gb Motherboard, and previously I had 1024 MB RAM, so it was:

DDRslot 1 - XXXXXXXXX KVR400/512R

DDRslot 2 - XXX OC3200-512H CL 2.5


So I added the Corsair in Slot 3.


Turned on my PC

it said I had 1024 MB RAM.

Well that isn't right!


So I played around with it, removed the XXX, and it went to 1.5 GB RAM

Put XXX and Corsair together, 512 MB RAM. Now I tried the XXX alone, 512 MB RAM, ran Memtest that is provided with the motherboard, RAM tested fine. Tried the original setup with RAM Test, it passed, RAM Test alone on Corsair, its fine.


Is there any configuration I have to do to get this to work correctly? I want to use all 2048 MB of my RAM :)



Edit: I take it I can't put other RAM companies here.......

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It's never recommended to mix memory from different manufacturers for reasons just like this. Design variations from the JEDEC spec cause problems.



Hmm, guess I hafta go take back my memory, to get one that is made by the same manufacturer, sounds like memory companies cant establish a standard? Never had problems in the past, but it sounds like Corsair doesn't like other RAM.... :(

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No, there IS a standard. JEDEC. However, the timings for it are 3-4-4-8. To get better timings, manufacturers exceed the standard. That's where compatibility issues arise. There are different ways to design memory to run faster and to run tighter timings.
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