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WARNING - DO NOT PURCHASE Corsair's Pre Built Systems

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I'm posting this here in hopes that someone considering purchasing a Corsair Pre-Built Gaming PC sees this.. Unfortunately I've had a terrible experience with both the product and company so far. I received the product around late October, and less than a week later was already experiencing BSOD crashes and reboots. Keep in mind this is supposed to be a brand new PC. Attached you can find a screenshot of all the files I have of the crash report incidents since I got the PC. Even today, had 4 more crashes and reboots upon turning on my system.

Throughout this entire time I have been in communication with their tech support team. I have one super long ongoing ticket with them. And before I continue further let me just say the folks working customer service are nice, but the positives end there. We performed several tests, all of which accomplished nothing only delaying the inevitable. Today I finally received word back from the support agent I had been working with and they finally offered some options to resolve the situation, none of which are good for me at all

I was using the PC as a hybrid for personal and work purposes. The first option they offered me was a standard RMA return, which would result in a lengthy process in which I would be without a computer. And if I did decide to go this route, it wouldn't even be guaranteed I would get a system when they finished processing the return as the support team was telling me they cannot place the systems they have on hold, unless I pay for the entire system upfront. Which brings me to the second option they proposed

The second option was to go with an advanced RMA, where I would have to pay the entire purchase price of the system up front, and they would send it to me. Once I pack up the broken PC and send it back to them they would then refund me for the advanced RMA. Only problem is I don't have 2 Grand laying around to throw at an advanced RMA and to keep on hold for X number of weeks

The final option was to simply send back for a return where I get my money back. And during the ongoing chip shortage would make it hard to find another replacement PC. Which would leave me without a work PC

Just all around horrible options for me here, someone who paid in full for a supposedly brand new product that didn't even work properly 2 days later out of the box. Quite frankly, I don't believe they cant put a system on hold for a standard RMA it sounds like bullshit to me. If I were some mega influencer with millions of followers I bet it would never of gotten to this point, but since I'm some regular joe shmoe I get the old "sorry theres nothing we can do for you line". So now I will be out of a PC, and unable to perform my job until I find a new computer

TLDR: Brand new PC from corsair had problems right out of the box, and after a lengthy amount of time spent trying to work with support to diagnose and repair the problem I was treated poorly and given horrible options to complete an exchange or return. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRE-BUILT PC'S, SAVE YOUR MONEY OR CHOOSE A DIFFERENT COMPANY.

Also fun fact, if you look at the sticker at the bottom of the PC where the serial number is you'll see a sticker that says 
"Assembled from tested components,
Complete System not tested"

Which after everything that has happened, makes a whole lot of sense

Screenshot 2021-11-30 123855.png


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I understand the frustration, but those are pretty normal alternatives for 'Gaming PC's' and certainly not limited to Corsair.

With work equipment that you must have on a day to day basis, you are often better off getting something with an 'on-site' service option, or just have a spare PC just in case.


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I remember seeing a video, was it from Jayztwocents.. where a prebuild kept frashing and malfunctionning, and it turns out it was the disk image used at the factory that was corrupt.

Fresh install of windows, and the thing worked like a charm.

I wouldn't be surprised that's the problem 😛


The vengeance systems usually work well. If i were you i would download the windows media creation tool and make an installation USB drive. If the thing keeps crashing to the point of being an expensive paperweight, i'd just reinstall windows.

Of course that defeats the point of buying a prebuild which should work out of the box (and you got to remember you'll have to install a few drivers and download some apps you may need like iCUE, your office suite etc etc..). But that's an alternative worth looking at IF you are sure the hardware is fine.



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