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Need assistance connecting up a 7 Fan setup

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I'm currently in the process of building a new PC, and I'm new to RGB and connecting it all together.

I have:
- the Corsair ICUE 5000X RGB case (3 Fans that came with the case) which im keeping at the front as an intake

-H150i Elite LCD 360mm  (3 fans) mount on the roof of the case as exhaust

- 1 x Corsair QL120 RGB mounted on the rear case to be used as exhaust also.

I see the case came with a PWM repeater and an RGB hub, and I also have Commander Core that came with the H150.


How do I go about setting this all up!? 

My question, is there a way to have them all 7 of them running so I can control them in the ICUE software with what I have? If so, how?

If not, can i just connect the single fan on the rear of the case to run off the motherboard?





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Thankyou for the reply and the advice!
I made a couple of modifications to what i had already done
Just to clarify, this is how I have it all connected:

AIO Fan 1 -> CoCo Ports 1RGB & 1PWM
AIO Fan 2 -> CoCo Ports 2RGB & 2PWM
AIO Fan 3 -> CoCo Ports 3RGB & 3PWM

Rear Exhaust Fan -> CoCo Ports 4 RGB & 4PWM
Front Fan 1 -> RGB Rep. Port 3 & PWM Rep. Port 3

Front Fan 2 -> RGB Rep. Port 4 & PWM Rep. Port 4

Front Fan 3 -> RGB Rep. Port 5 & PWM Rep. Port 5

PWM Rep. -> CoCo PWM Port 6
PWM Rep. -> PSU

RGB Rep. -> Mobo USB 2.0 header

CoCo -> Mobo USB 2.0 header

CoCo -> PSU


Is this setup correct?



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Only two comments, both relate to the front fans.

With the Lighting Node Core for the RGB I would use ports 1-3, and similarly use 1-3 on the PWM repeater.

If it is all working fine then great, but a lot of PWM hubs require a fan plugged in to port 1 and similarly gaps in the port numbers on the RGB hubs can cause problems too.

Also, you don't mention connecting the Lightning Node Core to SATA on the PSU, I imagine you have done it but just checking... 🙂

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Thanks again!
I've gone ahead and made the additional adjustments with respective to the fan cables in position 1 - 3 on the RGB and PWM hubs.
Yes you're right, I forgot to mention that I had also connected that to the PSU.

Unfortunately, I have to wait to confirm if this working, as my PC memory is yet to arrive! I will once i receive and install it.


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So I finally received my DDR5 ram and since installed Windows 11.

I've installed the Corsair iCUE Software version 4.19.191


The problem is the rear exhaust fan and the 3 fans in the AIO on the top are not lighting up, however the fans are spinning.

Only the fans at the front of the case are lighting up and spinning too.

I can't for the the life of me figure out what the issue is, but from what I have deduced with my troubleshooting, when I have the USB cable from the AIO plugged in, I notice a exclamation mark on the LCD display. After a couple of seconds it goes away and is replaced with the active temperature reading.

Not sure what is going on.

My specs

i7 12700kf

ROG STRIX Z690-F Motherboard

Corsair DDR5 Vengeance 5600

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