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M65 Ultra Improvement Suggestions


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The M65 Vengeance was the first mouse that fit my grip so well, it really did elevate my shooter performance.
But every iteration of the M65 seems aimless with plenty of missed opportunity.

IMO, the M65 could have become one of the leading shooter mice even for competitive gamers whose grip style it fits with the following changes:

- Lower Weight
I am a big fan of the aluminum frame, but I think it would maintain the premium feel with some more air holes, especially since there are weights included. 
The gyroscope? For pro-sumers, maybe, for shooter players, no! It's just extra weight for no reason.

- M65 Elite/Vengeance Shape
The new Pro shape might look nicer, but the older shape and especially the button placement were far superior IMO. 
I am not sure anyone uses the sniper button for actual DPI changes, but I do know it's bad when people accidentally click a button by picking up the mouse.

I am a big innovation nerd so I appreciate Corsair doing some "innovationizing"....  but I think losing a whole bunch of potential customers of the intended target audience, gamers with a focus on shooters in this case, because you are driving up the weight and price by adding gimmicks like the gyroscope just to MAYBE reel in a few customers of an additional demographic, is too much of a lose-lose.

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On 11/30/2021 at 9:25 AM, Corsair Haurjie said:

Hi Linition,

Thank you for your feedback, I will take your notes here to the team as we are listening to the audience for better improvements on our products.

Actually let me correct a mistake I made.
I accidentally swapped the Pro with the Elite. It should be Ultra/Elite and Pro/Vengeance.

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