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M65 Ultra Uneven Feet?


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I was super happy to see the new M65 actually came with ultra(co pun intended)-competitive hardware (except for the gyroscope, wth was that?!) and none of the Pro's problems.

But I have noticed my mouse, and the one of some reviewers as well, has slightly uneven feet which make it rock to the sides.
It is very minor and I don't notice it most of the time, but sometimes I get a weird shaky and unstable feeling in my mouse hand when the wobble actually does seem to make itself noticed.

Does anyone else have this? Try and press down on the edges of the top of the frame, not spots like the edge of the thumb rest where it lifts the entire mouse.

I have tested it on many surfaces most other mice sit perfectly flat on.
Together with the gyroscope it lends itself to speculations, but unlike my Swiftpoint Z, the slope is just too minor to assign the tilt function to it.

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