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K100 Key Wobble/Rattle


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I just bought a new K100 and maybe also trying the Huntsman V2 with the gen2 switches didn't help, because by god are they stable, but the OPX switches on this K100 are very rattly and wobbly.
Normally I would expect that from a Corsair keyboard (sad truth), but I have seen and read many reviews that talk about stable keys without rattle on the K100 OPX.
So what's going on? Did I get a bad unit? Did the reviewers get a better unit or pre-lubed switches?

Still waiting for the customer support to respond, but I am also curious to hear how common this issue is.
To be clear, while someone else made a thread with a nice visual demonstration of how wobbly his keys are here: 

..on my keyboard ALL keys are this wobbly!

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3 hours ago, Corsair Haurjie said:

Hi Linition,

If it's not too much trouble, if you would like, please open a ticket with our support team for a replacement. It IS possible you may have gotten a defective unit.

Thanks, already done that a few days ago, waiting for a response.
So you are saying the wobble displayed in the pictures of that linked thread is unusually strong?

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