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H150i Elite LCD - Gif not saving when iCue closes

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Hi everyone!

Ive been using iCue 4.x on a new pc i just built and every time i save a .gif image to play on the AIO block, it reverts back to showing the temps after a restart or sometimes if i just close iCue.

Any ideas why it wont stay on the configuration i saved in iCue?

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It keeps changing even if i save it after i restart icue

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5 hours ago, Tony Rig said:

Where do i Buy the LCD up grade Kit i try everywhere amazon no show best buy no show 

Where can i buy in Canada Please some one leave me a link to order it from USA or Canada  what store

A Kit is out of sale for a month already. I heard from some customer (kit owner) he had some issues installing kit on AMD platform. This may be related why kit is out of stock (not for sale).

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