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Unable to control fan after installing commander core


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I have 3 120LL RGB fans, a 120ML pro fan and previously 2 120 ML rgb fans (on a H100i RGB platinum cooler).

The three LL fans and the 120 ML fan are connected to a commander pro, all of which were working fine. 

The cooler was connected via USB to the commander pro, and the two 120 ML rgb fans on the cooler were connected to the H100i pump via its wires (so also ran via the USB pass through on the commander pro).

Had an issue with the pump, so had to replace and i’ve replaced it with a H115i Elite capellix. This comes with a commander core which you have to use due to the port types that the capellix has (not a standard USB like the platinum had) so the fans and the pump are connected to the commander core, which i’ve then connected to the commander pro using the USB ports on it (so same as before really, now with a core i between the cooler and the commander pro)

One of the LL fans is now unable to be controlled. it all runs, and I can adjust fan 2 and 3, but fan 1 runs at a fixed rate no matter what I do, i also can’t stop it anymore (where before i could individually stop each fan).

Lighting is all fine, rest of fans all respond, and only real difference is that there’s a commander core in the mix.


Is there some sort of bug?

Could this be something conflicting between the core and the pro?

Unable to connect the core direct to the motherboard as I don’t have a spare USB header for it to connect to.

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Having played with it a little, it seems to be something specifically to do with port one on the Commander Pro, doesnt matter which fan I plug into port one, it now runs like its a fixed speed fan and you cant change any of the settings on it.

Swapped about the fans and only way it all works properly is if i leave port one empty and plug the 3 120LL's and the 120ML pro into ports 2, 3, 4 and 5.

This however leaves a "ghost" fan in port one...doesnt do any harm I suppose but I cant remove it and I assume thats down to how iCue/the control unit is configured (even if I plug just one fan in, and use port 2, it thinks port 1 must have a fan regardless of there being a fan plugged in or not)


Its a fix for now, but a little annoying/unusual.... Im sure its related to having the commander core plugged into it as this issue wasnt there before.... not sure if I should try disconnecting the core USB from the pro? but then the cooler wont run properly (if at all) so not something I want to play with without knowing exactly what i'm doing....

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Sorted the "ghost", didnt realise i could manually set ports as disconnected.

Have switched port 1 to disconnected so now iCue is only displaying active fans, still bit bizarre that its behaving the way it is though.

For now i'm up and running properly but if anyone knows why it would do this would be good to know.

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There is a very old issue with port #1 (and only port 1) locking up in the Commander Pro. I don’t think we’ve ever identified the root cause, but it spans years of software so it’s probably hardware related. The usual solution is to force a firmware load. Cue settings -> Commander Pro -> check for update (none) -> force update. See if that sorts it. 

However, I am not sure you need the Commander Pro at all any more. With the Elite series the fan/RGB controller has become external in the Commander Core. 6PWM ports and 6 RGB ports. Not all the fans have to be RGB and unlike other controllers you can skip RGB ports.   Since you must use the Com Core for AIO control, you could drop the C-Pro. The only other purpose it might have is if RGB channel 2 is running strips or another device. 

**There is one serious consequence to moving the RGB fans from the C-Pro to the Com Core. You lighting effects from previous profiles will not travel with them. It will see the Com Core as a new, independent device. However, since you have to the pump lighting from there it may be worth the effort. Also the Com Core handles mixed fan LED counts better than the Commander. Your mixed 16 and 4 led fans will be a bit easier to manage. 

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