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K70 LUX RGB - Unrecognized, Need Manual Firmware Update


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I flipped the switched at the top (BIOS 1 2 3 4) to BIOS by accident and now my K70 LUX RGB is no longer recognized by iCUE / Windows. 

I can access the CRP_DISABLED drive with the pinhole method but I need the firmware to replace it.

Could the Corsair Support Team please provide me with the latest firmware and instructions to replace it?

Thank you  

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I got it working. I plugged the keyboard into another computer and it recognized it as a K70 LUX and installed the driver so I went back to my main computer and checked device manager and there was an uninstalled USB device so I searched for updated drivers and it recognized the keyboard and I could type on it.  I reinstalled iCUE and everything is back to normal.

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