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C1 Pro 2019 Model - GPU Cooling Leak / How screwed am I?

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Hey all, 

Tried searching from thread to thread and couldn't find anyone with a similar issue. Hopefully someone might be able to give some insight as what might be a route to resolve this. So here goes below and pics for reference. 

I have a 2019 C1 Pro, and up until last week it had been performing flawlessly, basically taking everything that I could dish at it, and it is my work computer so it gets used quite heavily. Up until last week I started noticing that the right facing side LED started to blink red a lot more often than usual, system starts running sluggishly. And usually as I have a million applications open had just though that it might have been some heavy graphic apps causing the resource hogging and overheating. It's been also a little over 2 years since I've started on this rig, so unfortunately a little over on corsairs warranty with it.

Then thinking, OK, it's been a while, maybe I should open it up and see if it needs any dusting to help mitigate these overheat issues. Lo and behold, I start seeing some drips, not good. I'm definitely gonna need to dissect this more and see how serious this might be, and well, looks like it may have been dripping, little by little since the start of the overheating issues and then just drying out. 

You can see from the pics that it has dripped from the core of the cooler, onto the mount, and even onto the ram, and from the ram seeped onto what looks like some of the ram slot pins, but very faintly. I also noticed some drips coming from connector to the radiator. I know corsair AIO systems have been pretty bulletproof as to date. I run older H100 systems in my other rigs and they're 8 years old and have never had a problem. 

Being an all in one system, I can't seem to find any replacement cooler for it seeing how the radiators have welded tabs that allow them to screw onto the side panels, and well it's my work computer that I'll need to get fixed as soon as I can. 

Does corsair sell this cooling system as a replacement? or would I only get it replaced by sending it in for repair to corsair? I'm pretty comfortable building PCs, so as long as I could get a replacement, I wouldn't have a problem swapping it myself. 

My other thoughts is completely not using a liquid cooling system and strapping a larger heatsink w/fan onto it and just leave the side panel off. I feel like this route might get me back up and running sooner, with less mess or drips to worry about in the future. The only thing I'd need to adjust is finding a fan pin on the MOBO for the top chassis fan. I would sorta just have to guess what might fit into the small space and still have slightly enough clearance over the m.2 drive and RAM.


Thanks if any of you might be able to shed any insight or have some thoughts in how to resolve this. 














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