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Mp600 strange issue


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Hi guys, i was going to use my mp600 2tb on my playstation5. Before that i had to copy and move some files to mp600. When i tried to copy files larger than 50gb computer always restarted itself after a short time of freezing. I had windows 11 at that moment. Then i went back to windows 10 but had the same issue. I tried to secure erase mp600 via corsair ssd toolbox but i always got the error "unhandlend OS error". Finally i decided to install it in playstation 5. As you know when you turn the ps5 on , it says that it is going to format your ssd. At this process mp600 also make playstayion 5 shutdown. Same behaviour as it did while it is installed in the pc. 


So what can be the faulty part in the ssd? What are your comments?



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