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K100 Keyboard static lighting problem

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Good evening,

Yesterday I've received my new K100 keyboard and I like it a lot so far, but I've noticed that one of areas are always shining solid blue color.

I've tried different profiles, keyboard resetting, removing all the lightning effects, but the area is always glowing.

When I configure different colors for the zone it's color changes a bit, but dark blue still dominates.

Not sure if it is a software problem or not. Firmware version is 0.32.262.

Attaching some photos.

Thank you in advance!




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It seems like part of the rear light bar is stuck with blue at 100%.  That's a bit unusual.  Lights go out and won't come back on, but the reverse it a bit rare.  I would try a force update on the firmware, but there are official directions below.  




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