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"Hardware Lighting" equivalent for Nexus screen


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So I have one very large annoyance with this screen that I can't ignore anymore and it overshadows even the lack of functionality we actually get with this screen (which I have come to just accept and live with for now) and that's when locking my computer. iCue obviously no longer works for our devices which is expected.
One thing that alleviates this for most devices is the "hardware lighting" modes which give us some very basic customizations at least which persists during boot/locking your machine etc. and this works flawlessly for my K100 where locking my machine sets everything to a nice very dim, mostly red/with a tiny splash of white theme. Looks nice in the dark but doesn't carry so much brightness as to light up the whole room.

But bringing this back to the point; Is there any way we can tell the nexus screen to f^&k off while my machine is locked?

I couldn't spot a "hardware lighting" equivalent setting so either I'm super blind or it doesn't exist
The screen timeout doesn't work while the PC is locked so that's out and not even the screen brightness persists. At night it is the most blinding thing in the room, cranking out at full brightness like a spotlight compared to the K100's very nice subtle lighting, looping that dumb as **** background... 

Speaking of, do we really have to be forced into being stuck with that dumb as hell default animated background? 
It was awesome for about a week and then I got sick of seeing it reeeaaaal fast. I want to be able to change or disable that outright as well. 
To be clear, I'm not talking about the profiles, I know we can change the backgrounds with those. I'm talking about the default background that persists when you lock your machine/restart your PC

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you can try changing the device settings, it give you the menu below. 
@me and let me know how it works. 

i'd expect it won't work like you want it to, because with the nexus it's be a "F. U. because why would we support and grow a product to make it better" so far from corsair. things break literally with every iCUE update. my custom button backgrounds no longer scale as and fit to the button panel since the last update. Adding arguments to shortcuts broke a long time ago. so just expect it to get worse. 

they have been saying for a year and a half "we're working on new stuff to make the nexus better!" but won't disclose what that new stuff is or any kind of roadmap for when to expect something, or anything at all. 


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