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RM750X help about rgb header


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Well i bought 6 Cooler Master Master Fan MF120 Halo Duo-Ring they have a rgb rated current of 0.55A (0.80 Max)
I plugged them all into 1 single rgb header on my motherboard... but that one only support a maximum power rating of 3A (was working but i want to go a safer way.... so unplugged em for now)
Is it safe to plug those 6 into that rgb header? (Maybe i dont understand how that thing work...lol)
If not should is it alright to use the "adapter" that come with my fan set to plug all 6 rgb into 1 power sata from the psu and control it with the "third party" device to control rgb?
Here a picture of the setup... should i go for the rgb header or is it safer to go for the controller/rgb connected into a sata power from the psu?

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