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Corsair Virtuoso Integrated memory!


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Will Corsair virtuoso have integrated memory in the future? 

Majority of my friends and I play on console as great as it sounds I wish the 7.1 surround sound and eq settings would transfer over to console like other devices. It would catch many peoples attention for both pc and console players myself included.

I own the latest Corsair virtuoso XT It sounds great but would be better if it had those extra specs.

I’ve done research on the Dolby atmos and Microsoft 2 year exclusive contract once it expires would there be a chance to be supported on ps4 and ps5 

I feel it would be an amazing investment and happy community for such great headphones to have a variety of players to have this perk on your product.

there’s so much more to say but I would enjoy hearing from other peoples perspective and have a discussion on the topic thank you!

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