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Hardware RGB is not working?

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Go to "onboard profiles" at the bottom of the left menu.  That should then reveal the device save slots for the K100.  Pick the next open slot and you should see a save bar progress to completion.  


That looks like CUE 3.  There were some save to device issues after launch for the K100.  It was shortly thereafter CUE ended and the CUE 4 program began.  I am unsure if that is still a current issue on the now defunct CUE 3 program.  

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I had a lot of similar issues when the K100 was released.  There was a period on late CUE 3 releases (3.34-3.37) where I could not get it save profiles.  It was only after moving into CUE 4 and doing a clean install (importing profiles rather than letting the CUE program migrate them from one version to the next) that I got this working again.  I was able to replicate your 5 patterns and save them to my K100.


You appear to have a lot of work invested into your profiles.  Make sure you export all of them and save them in a folder with the specific CUE version (CUE 4.17 profiles, etc).  Profiles are not backwards compatible and sometimes deleting and re-importing is the only way around profile issues.  

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Importing won't automatically transfer lighting effects to the keyboard.  However, some of the problems related to this involved the software profile itself.  Part of the profile may be corrupted or non-compatible and prevent the saving action.  However, if you just need 1 HW profile, you can get it loaded in from anywhere.  Creating a software profile named "HW Lighting" (or whatever) and using that as a transfer mechanism rather than an older profile may work and possible demonstrates the issue.  

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