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Can you move Actions and Lighting Effects to their HARDWARE counterparts?


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Is there a way to copy paste it to the hardware section? Am I supposed to redo all the lightning and actions for the Hardware section? 




I did move the profile to the onboard profile but i dont see it working not even the lightning is coming on, do i have to select the onboard profile somehow ?

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Unfortunately you cannot.  You will have to re-create them in the hardware actions and hardware lighting tab for at least 1 profile.  Then copy them all to the to the separate (hardware) library from each of those tabs -- if you need to do this for more than one HW profile.  Your K100 is unique in that it can save much more complex lighting patterns compared to other keyboards that have specific hardware save rules.  However, all keyboards have some restrictions about the types of actions that are possible without software aid.  Some things can't be done.


Getting a lighting profile saved is relatively simply and you likely want something in there for boot/shutdown and before CUE loads.  However, you have 17 software actions.  Unless you need them to use in a non-CUE operational state, it is going to be a real pain to set all those up in the hardware actions tab.  The profile button to the left of the control wheel should cycle your stored profiles from A-Z and back around.  I do remember having a few "blanks" in there back on CUE 3.  

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