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K100 FN key to Win not working fully


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my K100 has a FN key where the win key should be can i make it a win key instead?
i tried doing this, the win key works alone but not when i try to use more keys like win+L to lock pc



tried this too



It only works if i have the toggle setting on, but the problem then is that its toggled... (this is under the options in the first image)


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I tried to set this up several different ways and failed in the same way as you.  Unfortunately, CUE does not like to do combinations of keys and the holding of the Win/FN key is blocking the others standard keys from activating.  It appears to be a no go in CUE 4 as well.  I don't have a solution for this but some of the other users may have found a work around.  I suspect it would likely require another program for aid. 

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In theory FN should be able to be used as a combo-key modifier to trigger specific actions, macros, etc.  I suspect it is that inherent function that is preventing the Win/FN re-assignment from working.  For example, I can assign the "up arrow" to act as Win and the key combinations work correctly.  Up arrow + R gets me the Run prompt.  I don't have a use for FN, but there may be some programming options for it.  The post below is several CUE generations past, but it may still work or give you an idea of what it could be used for.  



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10 minutes ago, Corsair Haurjie said:

Hi Teletha,

I'm glad you were able to find a work around. I will still log this issue into the reports as user preferences.

Ye I mean it would be optimal to have the FN key work like a normal win key if you remap it, especially if you dont have the box ticked for "retain original key function". 

But I'm lucky there was a useless key beside it that was working fine with the remap. 


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