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Must have Corsair "Flow Indicator"

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I built my first gaming PC with almost everything Corsair. I have four Commander Pros running ten LL140's, eleven ML140's, two XD5 pumps, two four stack RGB strips, and one lighting node. I want to post videos of my epic build, but it kills me to not have a acrylic "Flow Indicator" that works with the iCue system.


I jimmy rigged my GPU water block (Alphacool) with a Corsair RGB strip with extension cable that looks stunning. I just can not find a clean way to get my my two acrylic Flow Indicators (Alphacool Eisfluegel Aurora) to look clean and still run nicely with my Corsair ecosystem. The only thing I can think of is to order an extension kit. Use a extension cable, and "cut" the strips to size to wrap around the Flow Indicators and clean it up with electrical tape just like my GPU waterblock. Not sure if the strips will keep working, or kill the line though. Corsair products are expensive and not sure I want to go this route just yet. Maybe being patient and wait and see if Corsair answers my call?!

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What exactly is the issue you're having? Not being able to control the flow indicators LED's through iCue? They are aRGB LED's so you can connect them to your commander pro 3-pin LED outputs and just configure it as an LED strip. Those flow indicators use 8 LEDs so just select 8 of the LED's when configuring your lighting. iCue will control it as if it were one of their LED strips.


I don't see a reason why you can't use the built in circuit board and LED's with iCue. I'm currently controlling a 3rd party LED strip and EK Waterblock with iCue. Both are configured as LED strips and it works fine. 

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