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Dominator Platinum RGB keeps freezing

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I'm in need of some advice or guidance.

My Dominators will run through the RGB effect for a couple of minutes and then just freeze.  The effect is basically a purple rain effect.  ( Downloaded here: https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/icue-library  (POISON Effect)

I physically have to force close ICUE and then start it up again for the RGB to go back to the default RAINBOW effect and then switch back to the effect that I have.  It will run a couple of minutes and then again freezes.

Any suggestions as to what this could be? - If I open ICUE, there is a tiny red triangle next to the RAM image.  I tried hovering my cursor over it, in the hope that it will give me some kind of indication as to what the problem is, but unfortunately, it doesn't.

I'm running ICUE Version: 4.17.244. My entire build is Corsair and everything else works perfectly fine, apart from the Dominators.

Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.






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The red triangle is a general error, but most often it takes the form of an initialization or communication error.  Number 1 cause is conflict with other RGB programs attempting to access the RAM at the same time.  For CUE 4 you can get control back by quitting the app and re-starting, but if the other program is still active it will happen again.  Your motherboard RGB program is the most common culprit.  You also can try turning off the software communication in CUE.  Go to CUE settings, click "enable plugins" off, then go to Software and Games and turn off "enable software integrations".  This may help.  

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