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IronClaw RGB Wireless random "Not Avaible" and all buttons don't work

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I bought this mice a few days ago and I'm already having big problems. The Wireless Ironclaw Mouse randomly becomes "unavailable" (as also seen from the attachment) not allowing me to use all the buttons I have configured through the ICUE software. I re-installed ICUE 4, I re-installed ICUE 3, I reset the mouse, I forced the update, I updated windows with all the patches, I changed 4 USB ports on the motherboard (no adapters), but the problem persists. After more 2 days, randomly  after 10-15 min while i play, every buttons (dpi, options and so on) don't work anymore and mouse go "unavaible". I need to connect with cable and remove then. Any solutions?

Mouse driver v 5.0.130 , receiver v5.4.99

corsair 1.png

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