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Corsair K100 RGB and Nightsword RGB randomly stop working

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Ever since upgrading to Windows 11, my corsair keyboard and mouse seem to freeze up randomly for no reason. This will happen when I'm mostly browsing websites, not during gaming thankfully. The mouse and keyboard RGB will remain frozen (I have it set to the swirling rainbow, so I know when this happens) and unplugging and plugging back in the peripherals don't seem to do anything (the lighting remains dead on replugging and no response from both keyboard and mouse). I have tried the following:

1. Turned off Device Manager setting that would allow Windows to shut off my devices to save power

2. Updated to iCue 4.17.244 and updated firmware on keyboard and mouse

I have tested other peripherals and had no issues. I have tried to replicate this issue and it's mostly been sporadic.

Edit: I have followed another thread on here to see if turning off selective suspend USB on my power settings may be what is causing it. I will report back if it doesn't work.

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Followed another thread for troubleshooting
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