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K57 keyboard not working after iCue v4 update

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I was getting messages in iCue that my dongles and kb/mouse had firmware updates. I applied them, icue v4 installed and my dongles updated firmware. My mouse ended up updating its firmware but my keyboard would not work (even when plugged in to multiple working usb ports). I hit skip on the update and it updated my mouse firmware. Now my mouse works fine but my keyboard won't work. In iCue v4 I also noticed that the battery % is no longer working for my mouse, it shows both dongles and my other Corsair devices just no keyboard. I tried:

1. Fresh uninstall/reinstall of iCue v4

2. Plugging up my keboard via USB (won't recognize, my pc makes a noise telling me a USB device was plugged in)

3. Reverting to iCue v3.38.61 and my dongles are not showing up (probably b/c of the updated firmware), but my mouse works. Keyboard still a no go.

4. Resetting my keyboard by turning it off and holding the ESC key for 5 seconds.


Is there a way to revert my firmware back to v3?

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