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Latest ICUE just Killed my GoXLR


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So turning on my computer today to see a new Update for ICUE i thought ok np, update as normal, as it was installing i noticed my sound stopped working ( was watching something at the time), after the update finishes it asks me to restart pc, sure why not ill restart. after restart i still have no sound, go to sound settings, ALL my goxlr drivers are GONE, ok reinstall goxlr, did it work nope, not even being registered at all, uninstall ICUE then Ccleaner, then restart, uninstall goXLR, Ccleaner, restart... reinstall goxlr, nope its completely DEAD.. ICUE has literally killed my goXLR, device manager will not show any existence of it there, it does not even register the USB going into the pc.

does anyone know of a fix for this...

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Hey 🙂 did you find a fix? I updated my Icue aswell today and have the exact same issue. The update completely destroyed my goXLR setup. Icue wont start either

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