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What diffrence of Vengeance RGB RT, RS, PRO and Dominator Platinum?


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I wanna to buy one of this RAM. But what diffrence i can't find. Can anyone help to understand what diffrence between this RAM.

My PC components:

-CPU:Ryzen 7 5800X

-Mother board: AsRock Phantom Gaming 4 X570

-GPU: GTX 1650

-PSU: Corsair RM850X

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In short form...

Vengeance Pro and the Dominator Platinum were the original RGB RAM options.  V-Pro has diffused light bars.  Dominator has the squares cut into the heat spreader for that unique look and is supposed to be the highest binned/screened ICs.  It also runs cooler than V-Pro at similar settings.  It also costs quite a bit more.


Then came the revisions.  Vengeance Pro SL is the newer shorter modules.  RS and RT are a revised design with diffused light bars but a sleeker heat spreader.  They are shorted than either Dominator or V-Pro modules.  The RS is the more budget conscious choice.  The RT is higher frequency kits.  


What you get most likely depends on price and what is available.  Dominators are unique and it's hard for me to recommend Vengeance Pro over the newer RS/RT variations.  I did not like the V-Pro design that much while I find the RT to be attractive and it runs cooler than V-Pro even up in the 4600 1.50v range.  Your target frequency likely determines whether you are looking at RT or RS with 3600 the dividing line.  RT have a slight gunmetal gray accent but the triangle on the RS is black.  If you are looking for white, that will further narrow the field of candidates.  

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