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H100i liquid cooler showing 0 RPM on the pump flashing red but working fine

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hello, i have the H100i liquid cooler, its cooling no problem even testing out the PC on an alternative very hot heat source. i can hear the pump and its working fine, a constant sound with no "odd" sounds.

the pump however is not sending a speed signal. (yet it is 100% working)

as a result the fans plugged into the commander core are running at 100% full bore and all RGB plugged into the commander core is flashing red.

does anyone know of a fix for this, other than to replace the pump? i am tempted just to disconnect all RGB, plug the fans directly into the motherboard and cut the RGB wires going to the pump.

sadly though its new i am its second owner (well ive been running it for 3 months and before it was only used for 3 or 4 weeks).

is it common for these to fail so quickly?

i don't really need to use it as i do not run a clocked system, sure is nice to have that option to hand though.

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