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HS80 and iCue Theme Inquiry

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Good day!

I recently purchased the HS80 headset, and thus far am loving it. However, I have found one issue and hoping there is a way to resolve.

I've been using iCue with my keyboard (K60 RGB PRO SE), mouse (Dark Core Pro), and ram (Vengeance RGB PRO) for about two years now, and have had no issues. For the most part, I've just used the simple Lighting Link to have everything do random colors and ish. However, with the new headset, I updated/upgraded iCue to v4.17.244 and found the amazingness that is the themes.

So I downloaded a few, loaded em up, and all three original items (kb, mouse, ram) all reflect the theme. HOWEVER, and this is the inquiry/issue, is that the headset doesn't reflect the theme. It'll go to a default color change, or no color at all, and that's it. Now, I can confirm that the headset WILL work for Scenes, just not the 'cooler' themes.

I've reinstalled iCue twice, and the headset software, but nothing works. I ask this, is the HS80 suppose to work with Themes and if so, how? OR, are themes only for headsets above the HS80?

Thanks for any input that can be provided!! :)

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