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Vengance RGB pro resets to red on login

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Hello All, 

I'm sure this issue has been brought up many times, however none of the fixes seem to be working for me.

I'm running iCue (v 4.17.244) to control my 4 x 8GB Vengance RGB pro, and every time I pin/log in to my PC, it reverts from my static white, to static red. Now, I know that it's because it switches from "Hardware Lighting" to "Lighting Effects", the latter of which will do nothing except remain on a static red, no matter what settings I select. I have uninstalled/re-installed iCue atleast twice now, fully shut down, updated windows, updated iCue, and updated Vengeance RGB firmware. The only other lighting control I have on my PC is Mystic Light which I need for control on my mobo's native light bar. Basically the importance of having iCue is for headphone control (HS70 PRO Wireless) (Please add a volume slider for voice prompts Corsair, my ears are begging you) otherwise I'd just let mystic light control my ram. Any ideas and/or experience?

The relevant parts of my build are as follows:

- MSI X570 Gaming Edge Wifi mobo

- Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 3200 mHz 4 x 8GB

- Ryzen 5 3600X 

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Make sure you did not enable any of the "scenes" from the landing screen on the CUE app.  There is a static red preset and a single click would lock you in.  Without other keyboards, mice, fans, the result would not be as obvious.  


Unfortunately, aside from that most of the time this is RGB programs fighting for control.  RAM is the most difficult as access is shared through the MB.  Other programs can get to it.  Go to the CUE settings and turn off "enable plugins".  Then go down to the Hardware and Games tab.  Click off enable software integrations.  See if this has any effect.  You may need to restart both Mystic Light and CUE or probably easier to reboot.  

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@c-attackThe "enable software integrations" was the trick that did it! I never would've found that myself, nor have I seen it in any other forums! Thank you so much.

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