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Virtuoso Wireless SE codify wireless connection audio with ps5

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Hi there, i bought 2 days ago a brand new Virtuoso Wireless SE and i use it with a Playstation 5 sistem in wireless mode obiviously. The first thing i made it was to upgrade firmware of headset (0.17.149) and dongle (0.16.80) firmware with the iCue software (3.38.61 version).
I tried out for few hours in these 2 days in multiple gaming session and everythins seem to be normal but last session after 2 hours i was playing, the headset make strange noise (something like fax or 56kbps modem modulation) and i must turn it off and turn it on again. They work fine for onli 2/3 minutes and they make again strange noise; so i must turn it off and on and again and again for 4 times after 2/3 minutes...

Is there any firmware can fix this problem, or i should change my headset???

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