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Brand new PC build - Shutting down while gaming

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GPU: RTX3080

CPU: Ryzen 9 5900x

Mobo: ROG Strix B450-F Gaming II

PSU: Corsair RM850

I completed a brand new pc from scratch a couple weeks ago and I am having very frustrating issues with the system abruptly shutting down while gaming, generally a couple hours into a session. One second I will be in a game, then the next second the screen goes dark. No error message, no blue screen or warning, just a rapid shutdown. Interestingly, the RGB lights on the mobo stay on, but everything else is off. When this happens, I am also not able to press the power button to boot the pc back up. I have to reach around to the back and reset the power switch on the PSU in order to boot the pc up again. 

Checking the windows event viewer, I see that the error in question appears to be a critical Kernel-Power 41 error, which doesn't give much information at all. 

I don't think the issue is heat related with my GPU or CPU, as I closely monitor the temps and they generally remain in the 60's even under load. I have made sure all drivers are up to date for my hardware. I have also tried plugging the entire system into a different circuit in my house, thinking maybe the flow of electricity in my office was maybe just poor, but with no luck. I also thought that maybe the AMD built-in overclocking options like PBO might be causing some sort of problem, but the same shut downs occur with or without AMD overclocking. 

Because of the fact that I need to reset the switch on the PSU when the pc shuts down like this, and the Kernel Power 41 error indicates some sort of power related issue, I am beginning to think that the PSU unit I have is overheating for some reason or possibly defective. Is there a common reason that a brand new PSU like this would be overheating? I have it in a Fractal Design Meshify C case, in which it seems to fit perfectly fine. There is no dust in the system yet, as its just a couple weeks old. Is there a way for me to tell for sure if the PSU is the cause of my pc problems? 

Hoping someone can help me out, thanks in advance. 

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